Label Update 04/27/2017

We’ve Got 9 New Releases Out Now on RR!

RR-066: Boy Wonders- LUV LP. Order Vinyl Here

Features Andrew Loomis On Drums, Pre-Dead Moon. 2 Unreleased Sets At Satyricon In Portland Oregon In 1984 & 1987, Recorded By Greg Sage Of The Wipers.

RR-068: The Reputations- Begging For More LP. Order Vinyl Here

Soul / Doo-wop From Austin, Texas.

RR-067: Crocodile Tears- Back Alley Boys 7″. Order Vinyl Here

Powerpop / Punk From Austin, Texas.

RR-065: MDK / BLEEDER- Split of Doom Cassette. Order Cassette Here

Brutal Metal / Speed Metal From Hell.

RR-064: King Flamingo- Astro-Surf 7″. Order Vinyl Here

Surf Jams From Southern California.

RR-063: Hakan- II Cassette. Order Cassette Here

Super Catchy Pop Punk From Italy.

RR-062: Sloks- S/t 7″. Order Cassette Here

Killer Female Fronted Punk From Italy!

RR-061: Itchy Kitty- Careless Whisker Cassette. Order Cassette Here

Female Fronted Hardcore Punk From Spokane, Washington.

RR-060: Madd Blake Y Los Stalins- Primitivo! Cassette. Order Cassette Here

Creepy Surf Punk From Puerto Rico.