Label Update 3/7/2011

Our website is finally finished! Take a look.

Mojo Hand singles are down to their last 100 copies. We still have a few copies left of the alternate cover(limited to 50 copies). Buy it now before its out of print! “The Complete Mojo” LP is due out at the end of the year. It will be a discography of all their recordings.

TRMRS- Sea Things LP test presses will be in our hands in a few weeks. Test Presses are limited to 50 copies and will have a special cover. The entire pressing will be out in time for the band’s midwest tour in mid April. Go see them live and buy their record!

After that comes LP’s by Outer Minds(members of Lover!), Bad Reaction, MDK, and the reissue of the UTI 7″ (late 80’s south orange county hardcore)